Case Studies - Treatment Using Therapy by Dr. Sudhir Hebbar

Case Of Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia

A 36 year old lady was very fearful to go to places like malls, lifts, temples, theaters, bus, train etc. for 4 years.

She had severe giddiness, fear of heart attack, becoming breathless and chocking. She had met several psychiatrists and was taking daxid 100 mg and lonazep 0.5 mg with no much use.

After 10 sessions of 1 hour duration over 2 months she improved completely.

Case Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A 32 year old male was doing activities like praying, ironing cloths, washing hands, checking doors etc. Each activity was repeated several times and total number of repetitions was 60 per day.

He was suffering for 3 years. If he did not repeat these, he was scared that he will lose job, will get bad illness and he will get pregnant (yes, you read properly).

This patient had seen 3 psychiatrists and he was on tablet Uvox 200 mg without much use. After 8 sessions over 2 months he improved quite well. He stopped his medicines.

Case Of Case Of Panic Disorder

A male of 22 years came with chest pain, short breath, fear of heart attack. Six month back his problem started suddenly with these symptoms.

In spite of several visits to doctors and psychiatrist he was scared of heart attack and choking and death. His mind was repeatedly thinking of his health. He wanted to get rid of this fear.

He was on Nexito 10 mg and alprox .5 mg. Medicines gave only half improvement. After 4 sessions of cognitive therapy he improved well and stopped medicines.

Case Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A 30 year old female had bad thoughts in the mind for the last 4 years. She tried to remove these thoughts from the mind but these were present very often.

She had bad thoughts of danger happening to her husband, bad thoughts about sex and god. She was depressed because of these problems.

She was taking Clofranil tablet 150 mg. she had side effects of tablet like dry mouth and constipation and excess sleep. After 7 sessions of therapy her bad thoughts improved well. She could stop medicines.

Case Of Social Phobia

A 22 year old male was unable to complete his engineering course. He was not attending classes because of fear of people. He was scared that people will laugh at him.

He thought he might mumble while talking may not be able to answer properly and make a fool of self. He avoided people and classes. He thought people will fight with him if he commits small mistake.

His self confidence was low. After therapy his confidence increase and he could face people with confidence.

Case Of Depression

A 30 years old married lady came with sadness of 1 year duration. After marriage she felt that her in laws were against and husband does not support her.

She blamed herself for all her troubles. She had stopped communicating with her sisters as they were not listening to her suggestions. She felt that nobody understands her and thought that she has no future.

She avoided activities as she did not get any pleasure. She had thoughts of death also. This patient improved after 12 sessions of therapy.